Life is boring, April 2017

After deciding to quit facebook for some time to have a rest of social networks, and to focus in the art history videos to study (only 1 month away for exams), I've realized how boring is life without social interaction. That even makes life more boring. I wanted to keep the mobile off too, but sometimes while exporting videos, I just don't know what to do. When I had facebook opened, I just entered and check the new posts, but without fb, I can't. So it is pointless, but... Two weeks working all day studying and making videos, the last days with zero social interaction beyond The Lord of the Rings Online (social interaction there is near zero but still I count it...). I always say I prefer to be alone, away from civilization, but I never realized how boring is life without that. But I don't know, I'm just a couple days with zero social interaction. Maybe I find it funny at some point. You never know until you try... And you may ask, why am I posting here something then? Well, I don't expect readings, but if someone reads it and it is in the same position as me, good luck :)

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