The Death of Art

Welcome to my blog. Here I will just write random things, mostly about art and personal experiences. As artist (musical composer) and art historian (still studying but wikipedia is better than university so who cares), sometimes I have seen many stupid things and injustices in this suposedly modern world.

Let me explain why I have called it "The Death of Art". It is something the philosopher Hegel said in the Romanticism. As I'm lazy to explain it again, I'll just copy-paste a text I wrote some years ago about Philosophy in Art. Just the fragment of Hegel that explains this concept.

He speaks of the history of art. Depending on the time, the work will have the same consciousness that one has. Thus he distinguishes three stages. The first is the symbolic art (Eastern, Indian, Persian, Egyptian ...) dominated by lack of unity in the expression, between content and form. The spirit has no awareness that it is he who builds the story, and is incapable of ordering nature. They are dominated by gods who are the forces of nature. Architecture dominates. The second stage is classical art, Greek-Roman, especially Greek. Self-awareness. The spirit is taking shape. The Greek gods have human form, and expressed values. Polytheism. Nature dominated, harmonious, perfect, beautiful art. Domina sculpture. The weakness of this art is given when they appear as complex ideas that can not be represented. Christian and Romantic art, or, which is the theological stage arises. a symbolism because there is no way appropriate to the spirit material is given. Art is superador in theology and philosophy. Dominate the painting, music and poetry, which is nearly philosophy. Finally, modern society can only explain things with philosophy and science, and religion and art serves. "The symbolic art is still in search of the ideal, classical art has found, and the romantic art has passed."
       That is why Hegel speaks of the end of art. "Art is, as to its ultimate destination, thing of the past". The art exists, but not with the function that has had in antiquity, as his supreme destiny was to express idea of thought, but it can not hope to do with the need of the past, now only philosophy can express the true knowledge. Now art production shall be free to enjoy and reflect on the art itself. Anesthetic society geared toward the general and the utility. Theoretical attitude toward art. He loses its necessity, but gains freedom.

Summarizing, he refers as "death of art" to the fact that art cannot be the way to express the ideas, because the ideas are too complex. The instrument to express these complex ideas is philosophy, or science. But what are the consequences of this? Also I must remember something: there is a man called Walter Benjamin that talked about the reproductibility of art. That is, we live in a current era where everyone can enjoy art, but not only that, everyone can produce art since industrial revolution.

Consequences? As everything, there is a good thing and a bad thing about this. The good thing is that everyone can create art, and that is wonderful. The bad thing... well, I'll let that for my rage posts ;)

Art is dead, will it resurrect someday?

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