Why do I say wikipedia is better than my university career?

I've been saying through years that wikipedia is better than my university, but I want to point that. I'm studying art history in the university of Murcia, Spain. Yes, wikipedia is better, much better. But I don't know about other careers. Probably history would be the same, but I don't think careers as laws or any science careers would be worse than wikipedia (or I don't want to think it). Well, I think any science career could be worse than wikipedia, but all is possible I guess. I think the career I am is worse than wikipedia because it is a very visual and interpretative career. Teachers try to be objective but it is impossible. Not even history is objective, history is written by the victorious elites. And wikipedia also reflects that anyway, but... okay okay, let me continue! We could be discussing this forever, so I will focus in my experience. I repeat, a last time: wikipedia is better than the art history career of university of Murcia in Spain. Do you want to know why?

In first year, I started thinking university was going to be the best, in the sense that I would learn a lot. Let me explain this: I thought I would learn about ALL. I learnt with the subjects of Ancient Egypt/Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece/Rome that it was impossible due to time. I don't blame that teacher, he did the best he could (he is my all-times favourite teacher due to various reasons), but that's a fact. We couldn't see almost nothing of Ancient Rome. Can you believe that? Well, it's true. But it's okay. The first semester was fantastic anyway.

At second semester, happened the first truly impossible subject: Art of High Middle Ages (I guess it is translated so, it is the art since paleochristian to romanesque included - that is, paleochristian, byzantine, prerromanesque (MANY LITTLE STYLES) and romanesque (VERY LONG). Of course, it was impossible, we didn't see anything of romanesque (what a joke!). But the fun doesn't end here. I always studied using internet since first semester to ampliate my knowledges, because I wanted to get a high calification too. I studied very hard for that subject, I studied prerromanesque and romanesque too and ampliated a lot. What did I get in the final calification? A damn 6,5/10, just because some stupid subjective descriptions (yes, I had to put what the teacher wanted to read). Since that moment, I don't care about califications above 5/10. I study for myself completely. But this leads to the next step.

The use of wikipedia began to be more usual due to laziness. I've always been using wikipedia, but also other sources. But the information is the same everywhere (yes, IT IS THE DAMN SAME EVERYWHERE). Teachers saying that "wikipedia is bad", I think it is because they don't want that we access information easily and don't go to class, or maybe because they could lose the job in the future? It's ridicoulus. Say that to a science student but to an art history student like me, say me that wikipedia is bad and I'll just say "please, I got 9/10 in Italian Renaissance studying 95% wikipedia".

Yes, I got 9/10 in that subject by studying 95% wikipedia. That's legit. Since that time, I have no faith in this career. Of course, there are some subjects that I couldn't study from wikipedia (Philosophy in art, Theory of art history...). Those subjects were fantastic in the classes. But those subjects could be counted with the fingers of 1 hand. For nearly all others: wikipedia. I'm sorry. Sometimes is not the teacher, it is how the subject is planned. I think it is ridicoulus, but if I can get more knowledge in wikipedia than in class, why should I go to class?

If a teacher is reading this, I just can say something: make the subject interesting and people will go to class. There will always be complaints, but it is better to show many artworks with no much talking than to talk about a single artwork for two months (that also happened with a subject but that's another story). The best teachers are the ones that can teach much content of the best way possible. When classes become boring, it's time to go to wikipedia. It is faster and with more information.