Legitimation of the official

The world works in curious ways sometimes. I guess only the ones with open mind can see it. Each one can think whatever they want, but some things are perspective, others are reality, and to confuse perspective with reality is dangerous, very dangerous.

The title of this text is called legitimation of the official, because I have seen some acts that try to do just this. In art, there has always been tensions between the official and the non-official, being the non-official the bad. You can see this clearly in impressionism, for example. Are impressionists wrong about the way they paint?

Now I want to talk about something that I will never ever understand: why some people just repeat the same ideas other say without doubting about it for just a second, and not only repeat, but also defend and discriminate others that think different, because the other thought is "non-official". This is a way to legitimate the power of an object, may it be an institution, a politic power, whatever. And the funniest thing of that is when they do it without having any idea of what they are talking about, but not even that, but they ever question the knowledges of the "non-officials".

I'm sick of this shit, and I think I'm even starting to hate art history. Yes. I'm sick, tired of this shit, it will come the moment that I will never participate in nothing "official" just to be against that. Because it not only happens with teachers, but also with students.

It is okay when an student says "I don't know" when it is asked for something that you don't really have proofs, only by your experience and your perspective. What I don't think is okay is to just claim that the knowledges of "amateurs" are shit because they are not in the "official". And not only amateurs, I said that word because this is not a problem of only my career, it goes further.

I was called an ignorant for doubting about something they didn't give me any proof, I had to believe that yes or yes, without any explanation, because they are "the expert". And such experts even said me that for what I answered the pre-questions if I was not going to "accept what they are saying".

Yesterday a teacher said that amateurs should not be able to do serious researches because they are not official. That democratization of culture is stupid. This is literal.

And today, after years of studing out of university, because my career is very bad done, some students claim that my formation is bad because I use other sources, including "non-official" sources, may it be wikipedia, blogs, whatever (in various languages too, from english to russian). It is okay if the "officials" doubt of my "non-official" formation, but it is bad if the "non-officials" doubt of the "officials" information. And I remember, I'm inside the university. Just imagine a total amateur.

I had a teacher in bachelor that when I researched for myself, before starting the career, I showed him my work. It was a very big book, with information taken from a book of an author called Azcárate, and various internet pages, including wikipedia. It was a very big book. I printed it, I showed it to him, and what he said after taking a look? You are ready for oppositions. Not kidding. In university I have advantage due to that. Yes, I still have to study, but I have advantage. And now it is wrong because it is taken from "non-official" sources.

I'm sick of "officiality". For them, "non-official" are lies. Other example, you see I'm writing in english. I may have some gramatical errors, fine. But you can understand me pretty well. For the "official", I don't know english, because I have not a title. For the "official", I don't know music, because I haven't a title, although I can compose and produce music. For the "official", I can't play guitar, because I haven't a title. For the "official", I can't play erhu, because I haven't a title, even if I can't even get it in the country I live. It is not "official", and because of that, it is a lie.

Some people should remember the impressionists once more. They were "not officials". And now they study it. Fucking non-sense.

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