Random reflections after around two weeks without facebook

This may seem stupid but I've realized of many things lately due to what the title says. Not only facebook, I must, say, all that has to do with socializing through internet. I guess it has also to do the fact of the bad experiences, but after all, I think that with time, it is going to turn positive.

These days have been days of self-reflections, thinking about myself, my future and what I like to do. At the beginning it was painful, because the bad experiences, but as I say, I feel each day it is getting a little little bit better.

I want to talk specifically about facebook (I guess it can apply to all social networks but as I mainly used facebook, I'll talk about that only) and other online thing I used to do: play MMORPGs.

First, talking about facebook, despite the good things, I only have thoughts for bad things. Yes, there are some good things, but as I feel them now, they are very tiny compared with the bad things. I've met some of the worst persons in my life there, I discovered that people is up to ruin you if that can make them grow, even indirectly. If not, how the fuck do you explain that someone talks bad about something you do and then he says "I didn't try it, I didn't read the information". Just WTF. That scapes from my understanding. I have tons of these things, and I don't want to extend it, but summarizing, I got 99% shit and 1% good things. I won't lie, I've met amazing persons there, but facebook is full of shit.

Talking about MMORPGs, this is a videogame genre I used to like a lot. I say used to, because although I still consider I like it, it is not the same, or at least I don't think I can feel it the same way as before, at least until I play my own-created MMORPG... There have been 2 MMOs in my life: Lord of the Rings Online (5 years playing it) and more recently, Asta (some months playing it). I love both, for different things. I love LotRO because the enviroment (damn, it's LotR!) and because the quests (best is till Gondor, my favourite expansions are Moria and East Rohan, but all quests are good, epic books are totally amazing, instances are fine and I really enjoyed big battles). About Asta, I just love all except questing. Enviroment is awesome,  graphics are incredible, system of battle is fine, treasure hunter, bounty hunter... very good. Now the bad things, again, not because the game itself, but because people. In LotRO, pvp is VERY bad balanced. As a good creep I am (spidey and warg!), I am underpowered. One time, we were 24vs1 (creep raid vs 1 minstrel, that is, healing class). Well, that minstrel survived. If it is 24vs1 (24 freeps vs 1 defiler, that is, the evil healing class), the defiler would die in a few seconds maximum. I posted in the forums the experience, because I recorded it. What did I got? Of course, insults of the freeps. And finally, the devs closed the post because "it is not allowed to share that" and because insults. That's fine for me, I won't spend a single euro in that game anymore. Then I moved to Asta, trying to find another MMO because at that moment I really hated LotRO. Asta (in spanish) was fantastic, I even got a couple costumes from the store. Until things got very rare. It seems the company is not very good, they banned a lot of people claiming they cheated in something (no idea about that), and then I saw a new that another company was going to release Asta in steam (in english). It would not be too bad if not because I already had bought a couple costumes with real money... so... shit... I am too lazy to go to the steam version and do all again (I prefer english games and community after all) and of course I will not buy again the same costumes... So... I am done with MMOs. Now I'll just enjoy those two until they are closed with what I can do without spending any more money, and done.

Well, this post is going to be long but I'm bored, want to write something and if I was a youtuber I would record myself telling this but as I don't like to be recorded, I'll write.

I've noticed how much time I was losing with all that shit. Too much concentration in promoting my art just to find shit people who dislike it without even see it, too much time lost in eternal dailies in MMOs for nothing after all, because a bad experience can ruin it completely. In these days being nearly all the time alone (because it is very very hard to be 100% time alone, even more when you have to go to class...) I've got much more skill playing my erhu and I've been working in new projects relating with art history. The art blogs have been updated and will continue, I am closing that part of my life and I think I will feel satisfied. I also want to try some new things, I don't know if that will be good or bad, but at this moment, I don't care. I feel I've lost too much time. It's time to spend it of the best way possible.

Enough for now. There will be more the next time.

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